Guardian Angels

Meet Our Guardian Angels

The Almonte General Hospital team is comprised of over 500 dedicated healthcare professionals and support staff and a multitude of devoted volunteers.  Many of you have had a member of the AGH team provide you, or a loved one, with extraordinary care or service in Almonte General Hospital, Fairview Manor or Lanark County Paramedic Service.

We cherish your stories and written notes of gratitude for the care, comfort and kindness provided by a member of the AGH team. While our staff members are grateful for your words of thanks, you asked us for a way to offer special acknowledgement to those outstanding medical staff, caregivers, support staff, co-workers and volunteers. We listened and created the Guardian Angel Program.

Nominate a Guardian Angel

The Guardian Angel Program offers you the opportunity to recognize a member of the AGH team who has touched your life in a significant way. To nominate your Angel please complete a nomination form and return to the Foundation office.

To learn more about the Guardian Angel program contact the Foundation office at 613-256-2514 ext. 2296, or email Louise Beckinsale at

7 Guardian Angels

These Volunteer Services Committee volunteers have been faithfully meeting for several years, and performing many behind the scenes activities to support the Almonte General Hospital.  These women have done fundraising, decorated and undecorated the halls and units of...

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Gretta Bradley – Guardian Angel

Gretta Bradley was presented with an Angel Pin by Joy Delahunt, a former AGH-FVM Foundation Board member and volunteer, during the 3rd annual Paddle for Almonte General Hospital. Gretta has been a longstanding volunteer with the Hospital and has been helping to lead...

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Janet McGonigal – Guardian Angel

"Janet is my special guardian angel!”  “Janet recognized that the pain from an incorrect diagnosis of Spinal Stenosis was actually related to a hip problem which resulted in me having hip replacement surgery. I was in great pain and incapacitated. Janet saw me weekly...

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Pat Kennedy, Guardian Angel

Congratulations to another Guardian Angel, Pat Kennedy honoured for her volunteerism. Pat goes over and above her normal volunteering by sewing clothing and making repairs for the residents of Fairview Manor. She also makes wash clothes and walker bags at her own...

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Dr. Julie Stewardson, Guardian Angel

Lionel Easton knows he can be a handful so he's gifted his new physician, Julie Stewardson, with a Guardian Angel pin so she know how much her efforts to "Keep me alive" are appreciated.  

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Patti Morton, Guardian Angel

Patti Morton was gifted with a Guardian Angel Pin from patient Bernadette Mador and her husband Stan.  Bernie is grateful for the exceptional physical therapy treatment she received from Patti.

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Mary Wilson Trider, Guardian Angel

If you speak with Lionel Easton, he’ll tell you how much he admires Mary Wilson Trider, President and CEO of the Almonte General Hospital.  “Mary sure knows how to get things done." "She sure helped me I can tell you!” Mr. Easton presented Mary with a Guardian Angel...

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The Rehabilitation Team of Angels

Kelly Bowles is practical, funny and friendly. She is well able to promote a feeling of fellowship and fun to brighten the clients lives and to show them how to get this feeling of optimism Nicki Proulx is supportive and gentle while firm at the same time. She...

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Jean Newton, Guardian Angel

Jean has been an invaluable member of our physiotherapy team for 27 years!  Whether it is ensuring 10 years of in-house physiotherapy charts are organized and easily accessible, decorating our Christmas tree to perfection, or her attention to detail in completing our...

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Rolly Larmour, Guardian Angel

Rolly Larmour was recently recognized for his tireless support of the residents of Fairview Manor. He was awarded a Guardian Angel Pin by Karen Buness, Director of Care, and Joyce Rolph, Interim VP Patient/Resident Services and Chief Nursing Executive. The...

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Harriet Soudant, Guardian Angel

The fact that Harriet Soudant is loved by her patients was abundantly clear when she was surprised with a Guardian Angel pin from Richard and Bonnie Love. They believe that Harriet's care gifted Richard with a quality of life he never thought he could regain. It is...

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Irene Botham and Sharron Pottle, Volunteer Angels

Congratulations to our two latest Guardian Angel recipients, Irene Botham and Sharron Pottle, awarded during our Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast on Tuesday, April 17 by Mary Wilson Trider, President and CEO. Sharron, or ‘mama bear’ as she’s affectionately...

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