Jennie Thorsteinson found her Guardian Angel during a recent stay at the Almonte General Hospital.  Jennie was so thankful for the care that she received that she nominated Nicole Fitzpatrick for a Guardian Angel Pin.

“My nurse introduced herself saying ‘I’m Nicole your best friend from Perth.’ Then she proved it like a pro!”

“Nicole was so gentle every time she touched me. She never broke protocol while I was in isolation and that was a comfort. Because I was in isolation she sometimes called me on the phone to ask if I needed anything. When I would say I was fine, she would tell me a joke or give a funny weather report.”

“Nicole hovered nearby when my meal arrived. I was really thrilled the first few times the food arrived. I was hungry and eager to get better. Sadly, I was not able to eat more than a bit or two. When I stopped eating, Nicole would whip the tray away saying something nice like ‘Oh that was a good try – Don’t rush things!’ Then a moment later she would say “Can I bring you something else?” That was my clue to ask for an Ensure.

“Nicole made me feel safe, happy, valued, strong and capable. How anyone can do all that while under siege I have no idea!”