Bonnie Fowler recognized her special angel presenting her with a Guardian Angel pin on behalf of herself and her late husband John.
Bonnie was hospitalized at the Almonte General Hospital in late November 2019 and again for the month of January 2020. “During that prolonged stay, I had many exemplary nurses caring for me. But one in particular stood out above all others – Rose Sedore!
“Fast forward to April 2021 and my husband, John, who was in the final stages of Alzheimer’s and Dementia, became a patient here. Again, Rose was one of his nurses and for some reason he really responded to her in a way that he had not with his other caretakers. I was extremely grateful that it was Rose who prepared him for his final journey. John passed away one month ago today in peace.
Thank you Rose, for your compassionate care. I want you to know that you really make a difference!”
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Pictured are Bonnie Fowler and Guardian Angel Rose Sedore