Our very own Dr. McGarry proudly presented five of our wonderful nurses with Guardian Angels pins. Dr. McGarry along with her family wanted to recognize the nurses for the dedicated care provided recently to her father as well as the care that was provided to her mother.

“In both cases the care was absolutely outstanding – above and beyond and I thank you from the very, very bottom of my heart. It’s not just on behalf of my family though. I’ve worked here for more than a decade and I’ve seen palliative care provided and it’s the dedication, intuition, your skilled problem solving, your kindness, your empathy and overall clinic excellence.

It’s such an honour to be part of it in the sense of being a physician here in the Hospital and seeing the wonderful palliative care that’s given on this unit by the outstanding nurses. I’m so proud to work with you all.

I had the experience directly not as a physician providing care in the Hospital to a family that was going through stress – It’s my family and my most cherished people…I felt completely safe to entrust with you. You are wonderful, wonderful nurses.”