Giving Back With a Social Purpose

At this time of year, it seems that our generosity increases due to certain holidays, be it Winter Solstice, Hanukkah, Christmas, and earlier in the year, Ramadan and Diwali. 

People want to support charities, including gifts in their wills, and, when given the opportunity, are fiercely seeking out strategies to do so. In our meetings with donors, members of professional associations, charities, and foundations, we’ve discovered intense enthusiasm for finding tax-efficient ways to support charities both now and at our deaths.

What we know from the Canadian Association of Gifts Planners via their Willpower Campaign is currently, only 5% of Canadians leave a gift in their will. If we were to increase that by 3.5%, so take it to 8.5%, we’d increase the gifts to charities by $40 billion. 

Imagine what we could do within our communities if and when we reach that goal!

And so, as we think of gifts we want to give this holiday season, we encourage you to reflect on what has worked for you in 2023. Consider where you want to be in the future and what mission you would like to pursue to fulfill your social purpose. 

Whatever or however you choose to celebrate, we hope you’ll continue to join us in our pursuit of a brighter and more prosperous future in the coming years.

Till next time,

Betty-Anne Howard / Athena Wealth and Legacy Solutions


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