3 Pillars of Gift Giving

Most people wonder about how best to support their favorite charities and want to better understand the processes involved to have an impact while reducing their income and estate taxes. Let’s look at the 3 pillars which are; Prepare, Plan and Prosper. 

Prepare: In many instances, you can leave more to your family when you die when using strategies that incorporate gifts to your favorite charity. Did you know that?  Most of us don’t, which is why Almonte Hospital Foundation has been providing donors and supporters access to webinars on this popular topic of how to reduce income taxes and eliminate estate taxes while ensuring you and your family are well taken care of. Our next event will be in person in the Autumn of 2022 to be held at the Orchard view Retirement Home, please let us know if you’d like to receive an invitation to attend this hugely popular event.

Plan: Most of us want to know – do we have enough saved and invested to see us through our lifetime? Great question, and that’s where a comprehensive financial plan can help answer that question along with projecting what your tax liability will be at your death. You can then determine how much and in what way to incorporate charitable giving into your overall retirement and estate plans. 

Prosper: Did you know that when we give gifts to others we release a “feel good” hormone into our brains that makes us happy? In addition, what we’ve found is that the majority of people want to live long and happy lives as well as making a difference in the world, our communities and the lives of others. Getting involved with your favorite charity, identifying the needs of your community coupled with the extreme sense of well-being that comes along with doing this, helps us all to prosper.

Till next time,
Betty-Anne Howard, Athena Wealth and Legacy Solutions

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