Mary Dillabaugh, Volunteer was award a Guardian Angel pin at the Volunteer Appreciation event – April 2015.

AGH-FVM President and CEO Mary Wilson Trider wanted to present a deserving volunteer with an Angel pin at the 2015 Volunteer Appreciation event in April. With 200 devoted volunteers, the choice was near impossible. Mary Dillabaugh was chosen to receive the Guardian Angel Pin.

Mary is a committed and reliable volunteer who makes that extra effort to make a difference in someone’s life and has the best interest of our organization at heart. For the last two years, Mary has been known as the “card shark” of the Day Hospital who is forgiven because of her ready smile and knack for making a great cup of coffee or tea. Mary can also be found out purchasing Christmas gifts for patients, decorating for the Holidays and pitching in with the project of the day.

Mary has been a committed Volunteer since 2012 and has recently joined the Volunteer Services Committee.