When asked why they decided to ‘put themselves in the picture’ to support the AGH FVM Foundation’s diagnostic imaging campaign, Al Lunney was quick with an answer.

“I have to give to the Almonte Hospital,” Al said, “I was born there!”  Although it is only part of the reason that Jeri and Al Lunney are strong Hospital supporters, it is a reason that Al is happy to prove.  They still have the bill that Al’s mother, Elizabeth, was given to cover her stay, the delivery and the baby’s stay too.  The total was $29.10 paid by cash to the Rosamond Memorial Hospital on  Jan. 11, 1941.

Jeri and Al have supported the Hospital in many different ways since making Almonte their home in the 90s.  Jeri served on the Hospital board for several years, and Al volunteered for the Hospital Foundation board including being the chair.

“We have always been really happy with the service we’ve received any time we’ve needed the Hospital,” said Jeri.  “We rely on the staff and doctors because they give really good care.”  Jeri also expressed pride that she was part of the Hospital board that recruited current President and CEO Mary Wilson Trider.  “She has been excellent in her job and we are very lucky to have her here.”

The Lunneys’ appreciation of the Hospital also stems from an episode that happened in December 2014 while attending a joint board Christmas social.  Al jokes about it now but Jeri still remembers how scary it was.  Al was speaking with a group of other guests and the next thing he remembers, he was in an ambulance arriving at the emergency department. Part of the humour Al recalls in the incident is that one of the people he was talking to was Ed McPherson, Chief of the Lanark County Paramedic Service.  “If you’re going to have a medical emergency, having the Paramedic Chief nearby can be very helpful,” laughs Al.  “They got me to the Hospital in record time!”  Thankfully he was well taken care of.

Like many campaign supporters, Al & Jeri have ‘put themselves in the picture’ because they feel that having a well-resourced hospital and manor are vitally important to the quality of life that residents enjoy living here in Mississippi Mills.

To find out how you can join the Lunneys and ‘put yourself in the picture’, please call the AGH FVM Foundation at 613-256-2500 ext. 2297 or email aroberts@agh-fvm.com