These two amazing women were nominated by Christina Glover who wrote;

“There were times during this GAIN Project where the pressure was high and energy levels dwindling. These two were always supportive and we never gave up as a team to make sure we could accomplish what seemed impossible at times. Heather selflessly put in many extra hours to help me with the HRCM testing, even on the weekend, and then she still had to complete her regular duties (and year end!). She never once complained, just simply asked, “how can I help you or what do you need me to do?” And Kate, well I don’t think there are enough words to describe how much Kate has sacrificed to this Project. But it’s the same with her, no matter how hard or stressful it became she always had a team attitude, stayed positive and on point. These two were the epitome of guardian angles for me throughout this project, I couldn’t have done my part so well without their support. They deserve to wear their pins proudly and know how awesome they are. Total Rock Stars!”

This is a second Angel Pin for Heather White. Congratulations to you both!