The theme for this November’s Financial Literacy Month is: Make Change that Counts: Managing Your Money in a Changing World, and to that end I’m inviting you to think about your own personal mission statement. 

Or, as Karen Walrond, author of The Lightmaker’s Manifesto: How to Work for Change Without Losing Your Joy, puts it, your spark statements.  

She says, “There’s something to be said for spending time figuring out how to declare what you stand for based on your values, and clarifying what you hope your legacy will be…it acts as a spark to ignite your activism journey.” 

By “activism,” she means aligning the gifts of who you are in the world with your purpose. 

This concept goes beautifully with the notion of making changes in our lives and the lives of others through how we manage our money. There are so many opportunities for us to donate time, energy, and money to the causes that matter to us the most.  

Have you thought about how you can contribute to our changing world via the charities and not-for-profits you either currently support or may be interested in learning more about to support?  In Canada, 2/3rds of our donations to charity happen in the last three months of the year…this November, let’s Make Change That Counts, together!

Till next time

Betty-Anne Howard / Athena Wealth and Legacy Solutions


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