Financial Life Planning Tips from Betty-Anne Howard, Athena Wealth and Legacy Planning: Fight Climate Change Through Socially Responsible Investing

As many scientific studies have shown us, one of the major culprits behind climate change is corporations that aren’t considering the environment in their business practices. One way to fight this is to invest in companies or organizations that are environmentally conscious and create the change that we want to see in the world. 

This practice is known as socially responsible investing, or SRI. SRI is the strategy of investing in companies that care about how their decisions affect the environment and society in general. The goal of socially responsible investing is to tap into financial AND social gain. 

Investing is the best way to make the most out of the money you earn. And by choosing to practice socially responsible investing, not only are you building wealth with your money, but you’re also contributing to preserving the Earth’s resources. 

Remember, we only have one livable planet, so let’s do what we can to save it while we still have the opportunity.  And if you need expert advice about making SRI investments, feel free to book a call with me so we can explore your financial journey together. 

Read this for more information about SRI. (Link blog)

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