Many women, if not most, don’t see themselves as philanthropists. This is a word, like estate planning, that we find difficult to relate to. Lending a helping hand, yes! Helping out others in need, of course, that’s what we do. Fostering relationships with charities so we can volunteer and help out is how we’ve been raised; it’s an integral component of who we are as women. But still, we don’t see ourselves as “philanthropists.” 

 Estate planning and philanthropy may not seem relatable or achievable to many women, and yet it is, and it can also be so much more. Leaving gifts to your favorite charity in your will can make a huge difference to the tax implications of your estate plan, which in turn will make a difference in the lives of others.

 That’s why accessible and practical information is so important to the estate and legacy planning process. And by practical, I mean helping women understand how the different estate planning strategies would and could fit with their lives, and their own personal situations, with illustrations that demonstrate the pros and cons of each of the strategies.

 First steps? Try having conversations examining the words we use, how limiting they can be, and the importance of going deeper to find out what holds meaning for you in your life. 

Till next time,

Betty-Anne Howard / Athena Wealth and Legacy Solutions

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