Many people are surprised to learn that the provincial government does not fund the purchase of medical equipment.

Each year, senior staff develop a capital budget that outlines the highest priority equipment needs at Almonte General Hospital and at Fairview Manor.  They then turn to the Foundation, the Volunteer Services, the AGH Gift Shop and the Fairview Manor Auxiliary and ask for them to raise funds to meet these urgent needs.

Donor Dollars at Work -Almonte General HospitalRecently, community support has allowed the Hospital and Manor to acquire:
Diagnostic Imaging Workstations
Gynecological Scope
Ceiling Lift at Fairview Manor
PAC Upgrade
Ultrasound for Physiotherapy
Cyrotherapy System
ECG for Med/Surg

Each piece serves an important purpose.  For instance, according to the Manager of Physiotherapy, Patti Morton, ” The ultrasound combo unit is a central piece of equipment for physiotherapy. It is used multiple times daily and is used to promote tissue healing, decrease inflammation, soften scar tissue and relieve blocked milk ducts. The electrotherapy component is invaluable in reducing pain and for promoting muscle contractions both postoperatively and related to neurological conditions such as stroke.”

“The Gynecological Scope is used in the Operating room to remove polyps from the uterus.” said Maureen Frazer McLeod, Manager of ER, OBS and the OR.  “The fluid system ensures a better visualization of the inside of the uterus so that polyps are easily seen and removed safely.”

Thanks to generous individuals, businesses and organizations, the Hospital and Manor are able to purchase much needed equipment like these items to care for our patients and residents. In addition, the Foundation raises funds for major projects such as the diagnostic imaging campaign.