Lots of people are talking about and playing Catch the Ace Almonte in support of the Almonte General Hospital Fairview Manor and the Almonte Legion, Branch 240. But there also seems to be lots of community members that don’t quite understand how the lottery fundraiser works. Questions like:

  • What’s the difference between the weekly prize and the progressive prize?
  • How does the jackpot grow?
  • Why do I need to pick an envelope?
  • How do the charities make their money?

It’s precisely to address this confusion that the AGH FVM Foundation and Almonte Legion produced a fun little video called: Catch the Ace Almonte – Everything you need to know.

The video, which features the voice talents of Almonte’s Noreen Young and Stephen Brathwaite, helps simplify what Catch (or sometimes called Chase) the Ace is and how it works, both for the players and the charities.

We tried to produce something short and fun,” said Al Roberts, Managing Director of the Foundation, “because we continue to hear that some people are not playing because it just sounds too complicated. Noreen and Stephen agreed to help out which gave it a real nice Almonte touch.”

The more people that play, the better for the two charities.  Our first round raised over $45,000 and the big winner won over $58,000. So far this second round has been running for 12 weeks. The progressive jackpot currently sits at over $12,000.

Tickets are available online at www.catchtheacealmonte.ca

Lottery license #RAF1216249