Our very own Patti Morton was presented with an Angel Pin at a surprise ceremony today from Hannah Munro with many of her co-workers gathered to congratulate her. Patti was recently appointed to the new role of Integrated Director of Allied Health Services after 26 years with the Hospital.
Hannah presented Patti with the pin saying that “Patti has accepted a new role in the organization. I believe it has grown substantially! What I have seen is the days, evenings, nights and weekends that she has been here on top of her regular duties! She always has a smile on her face and never a complaint about it. She has organized a great team that screens, swabs, answers calls, makes appointments and I’m sure I’m missing many other things!
I am thankful to Patti for being an excellent leader, team player. I’d also like to thank her for her part in keeping our residents, patients, staff and community safe”
Pictured: Mary Wilson Trider, President & CEO, Patti Morton and Hannah Munro