Anne Mason distinctly remembers walking up Mill Street and deciding yes, this is a town that I could live in.  It had a certain feel that she liked.  That was 21 years ago, and she’s never regretted her decision once.

Anne loves living in Almonte because of all the wonderful things the community has to offer including: arts, history, friendly, engaged neighbours and a wonderful hospital.  “Having the Hospital here provides me with a level of comfort,” said Anne.  “Of all the institutions in town, I think it’s the most important.”

This is somewhat surprising considering she hasn’t had to use the Hospital too often.  While visiting the new Ultrasound suite prior to making her donation this week, Anne did recall a visit many years ago that she shared.  Anne and Ultrasound technologist Angie Crites laughed about patients having to sit waiting for the specialist to arrive from Ottawa, literally bursting to go to the bathroom but the thinking back then was that having a full bladder meant the images would be of a better quality.  “I had to pee so badly, but they wouldn’t even let me go for a little relief; I just sat there with my legs crossed hoping I was next up for my examination.”  And when Anne fell out of a tree that she was pruning, the staff in Emergency moved very quickly to treat her before giving the lecture about not climbing trees!

Having the Hospital right here close to home is important.  Anne’s doctor, Ursula McGarry, is part of the Ottawa Valley Family Health Team so most of her health care needs can be addressed in the community.  She thinks that makes a big difference.  “Everything is flexible and personal, probably because they are caring for their friends and neighbours,” thinks Anne.

She remembers one of her friends telling her that when there was a family health emergency recently, living midway between Almonte and Ottawa she didn’t immediately call 911 or rush into Ottawa.  Instead, her only thought was let’s get to the Almonte Hospital, they’ll know what to do!

Although a donor for some years, Anne has now “put herself in the picture” with a five-year pledge to the diagnostic imaging campaign.  Pledges are particularly important because it helps the Foundation plan ahead for the purchase of the CT scan, which still needs to be approved by the Ministry of Health & Long-term Care.

Donors can “put themselves in the picture” by making a one-time gift, becoming a monthly donor or committing to a multi-year pledge.  All donations are tax deductible, which is often an important benefit at this time of year.

If you want to join Anne and “put yourself in the picture”, please contact Al Roberts, Managing Director, AGH-FVM Foundation, at 613-256-2500 or