Nancy Laws-Lepage and her husband Maurice Lepage moved to the Almonte area in 1991.  They bought a farm on the Upper Dwyer Hill road, and for 26 years, Nancy says, “The Hospital has always been there for us.” And she expects it will continue to be there as she needs different services in the future.

NancyAlthough Nancy can rhyme off dozens of reasons for their various visits to the Hospital, most relate to accidents on the farm, like the time she was hit in the head by a tree limb when they were clearing some bush.  Thankfully it wasn’t too serious but having a first-class Hospital close to home is something that Nancy appreciates immensely, and so for her, “It’s very important to give back. Almonte is definitely my focus when making donations.”

For Nancy, often it’s the small things that have really strengthened her relationship with the Hospital over the years.  She can’t say enough about how good some of the doctors have been with her as she has dealt with Maurice’s failing mental health, as a result of dementia, while also having her own battle with breast cancer.  She feels particularly fortunate to have had “Dr. Chris” as her family physician.  “She is really a great doctor.”

Nancy supported AGH’s last campaign.  She remembers one of her colleagues at the time, Tim Ray, telling her about the Quality Care for Life fund-raising drive and suggesting that she make a pledge and pay it off over a number of years; which she did.

Recently Nancy made a gift to the “Put Yourself in the Picture” campaign, both because she appreciates the Hospital, and because acquiring a CT scan is something she’s very supportive of.  “Yes, I think it’s absolutely necessary that we continue to acquire new tools like CT for our doctors. Having access to these tests close to home is so much better than having to go all the way to Renfrew or Smith Falls.”

If you want to join Nancy and “put yourself in the picture” with a one-time gift, monthly donation or multi-year pledge, please contact Al Roberts, Managing Director, AGH-FVM Foundation, at 613-256-2500 or