Patients at AGH are now benefiting from three new Glide Scopes thanks to donations made to the AGH FVM Foundation in 2016.  The Emergency Department, Obstetrical Operating Room, and the Main Floor Operating Room each received one, at a cost of approximately $14,000 per Scope.glide scopes

“A Glide Scope assists with intubation,” said Avis Ward, Team Lead, OR.  Intubation is accomplished by inserting a flexible plastic tube into the trachea (windpipe) to maintain an open airway or to serve as a conduit through which to administer certain drugs. “The hand-held camera device is inserted into the patient’s mouth which allows the physician to see the vocal cords, epiglottis, etc. on a monitor.  Pictures can be taken if necessary as well.”

The Hospital had two older Glide Scopes.  “They were really old,” said Ward, “even black and white.” Although they still served their purpose, physicians seem really pleased with the new ones because they allow for better viewing and are much easier to use.

“Many intubations can be difficult, especially for physicians that are not doing them every day,” points out Ward.  The new Glide Scopes make it much easier, even in difficult situations such as with a patient who has sustained a neck injury.  Other factors can also contribute to making intubation more of a challenge including short necks, receding jaws, patients with a high body mass index and head or neck trauma.

Another bonus feature of the new equipment is that it can be cleaned in the sterilizer, known as an autoclave, thus reducing the risk of infection.

The Hospital counts 100% on funds raised in the community to pay for replacement and new equipment.  These new Glide Scopes are examples of the positive impact that donors have on safe, high quality care for the patients served by AGH.