In a medical emergency, every second counts.

That’s why I take comfort in knowing I have a Hospital staffed with skilled professionals just minutes away from my home.

richard mannion storyMy name is Richard Mannion. A few weeks before Christmas I began to experience chest pain. At 80 years of age, and with stents recently implanted to clear blocked blood vessels, I wasn’t about to take any chances. When I arrived at the Emergency Department of Almonte General Hospital, I was seen right away. I was undergoing tests within ten minutes. The staff at AGH do things thoroughly, quickly, and efficiently – and that goes a long way to relieving a patient’s anxiety. Today I am back home with a clean bill of health, but I know my hospital is there any time I need it.

We’ve all heard about long wait times in our health care system, and I’m sure you’ve had to deal with big organizations that made you feel like just another number. But at our small hospital, you are treated as a VIP! The staff are well trained and efficient, and they treat you as a human being. A hospital is not the stones, the mortar and the bricks that make up the building: it’s the people who make the difference.

Although I have been a long-time donor to Almonte General Hospital and Fairview Manor, I was surprised to learn recently that there is no government funding to replace out-dated medical equipment, or to purchase new equipment. It is up to the community to help provide the tools our medical professionals need to care for patients.

Thanks to gifts from donors like you, we can be confident of receiving top notch medical care should we or our loved ones ever need it. Your gift is extremely important because it provides resources that make an immediate impact… to the doctors, the nurses, the therapists, the Emergency Department staff – everyone who works at our hospital to serve you.