Your past support of the Almonte General Hospital Fairview Manor Foundation may have helped save my life in June 2020.  That’s why I’m writing to you — to say thank you and to ask you to join me and make another donation.  By doing so, we may help to save the life of someone in the future, perhaps even you.

Paramedis with an ambulance and stretcherWhat happened to me two years ago came completely out of the blue.  I’m a young healthy man in my late 30s.  My wife Andrea and I were carrying a mattress down into the basement of our Almonte home when suddenly I experienced the most painful headache I’ve ever had in my life.  Although it’s all a bit fuzzy, my wife says I was pacing around holding my head, and then I passed out. She immediately called 911.  Lanark County paramedics were at the house very quickly, and I was transported to the AGH’s Emergency Department (ER).  It was quickly determined that I needed a CT scan to help diagnose what had happened so the doctors could develop a treatment plan. To get a scan, I was sent to the Ottawa General Hospital because we do not yet have that technology here.

The care I received, and the support my wife experienced, at the AGH ER, were amazing.  That’s why I believe so strongly that we need a fully equipped hospital right here in our community.  It’s also why Andrea and I are supporting the campaign to bring a CT scan to Almonte.  Had there been one here, my diagnosis would probably have been much quicker.  Although the course of action would not have changed (I ended up having several brain surgeries in Ottawa), at least the ER doctor and staff at the AGH would have been able to determine more quickly what we were dealing with.

Staff of the AGH/FVM Foundation have produced a video, which includes my story, about why bringing CT equipment to Almonte is so important. Not only for our immediate neighbours in Mississippi Mills, but also those in surrounding communities like Carp, Pakenham, Arnprior and Carleton Place. I invite you to watch the video. 

A family walking together in the springI also want to invite you to join Andrea and me in supporting the campaign to bring CT scanning to Almonte. We’ve been told by Foundation staff that this incredibly generous community has already committed more than $1.4 million in the past three years towards the $2.2 million needed.  They further explained that those funds are being held by the Foundation in reserve to pay for the new machine once it is approved by the Ministry of Health.  All signs point to the approval coming in the next few months.  Once approved, Hospital staff will issue a tender to purchase the CT equipment and have the necessary renovations done to the Hospital to accommodate it.  The Hospital will move forward with the purchase, and the Foundation will pay it off as quickly as possible.

We are becoming monthly donors so the Foundation can count on our support to help raise the additional $1 million in the next two to three years.  We hope you’ll join us and sign up too.  If that’s not possible, a single donation would be much appreciated. If we all do what we can, patients at Almonte General Hospital will have easy access to this state-of-the-art diagnostic tool right here in our community.

Thanks for your consideration,